Kevin Birdsey (incumbent)

Kevin Birdsey

As an employee of seventeen years, I am a familiar face to many members of our co-op. If nothing else, I hope that shows I am dedicated to this business of ours. I can attribute much of that dedication to our co-op’s uniqueness and its important role in our community.

I am currently serving my first term on our Board of Directors, no small role for someone that is also a full-time employee at one of our stores. I have enjoyed the work and I hope to continue it in a second term. Electing a board of diverse members is critical to a cooperative's identity. I hope my fellow members see the importance of retaining the perspective of employees on our board; the terms of both current employee-directors expire this year.

My first term has been one of consistent attendance, activity, and participation. I have developed an exemplary knowledge of our internal policies, even writing several revisions adopted by our board. The most important of these is a policy calling for our co-op's overall achievements to lend towards a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive Upper Valley. It is a lofty goal, but one that is crucial to achieving all of our desired ends.

The central idea of a cooperative is people coming together to further mutual goals. The key to overcoming any present and future challenges our business faces is to hear many different voices. This is our board's work and it is work I look forward to continuing. Thank you for voting!

Q & A with Kevin

What interests you about serving on the Co-op’s Board of Directors?

I have been on our board for one term already, and through that experience I have found the work to be challenging and exciting. Our Co-op is important to me and to our Upper Valley community. Serving on a co-op board is where the rubber meets the road for the second cooperative principle, democratic member control, so it is important work if we are to maintain our cooperative identity. It is still important to the diversity of our board to have an employee director, just as it was three years ago. I am more than happy to serve in that capacity.

Please describe any experience you may have serving on a board, committee or community group.

I have been a very active member of this board throughout my first term. I have served on and chaired multiple committees and had perfect attendance at regular meetings. I hope to continue to set this example of consistent participation in a second term.

In addition, I have substantial experience with committee work internally as a co-op employee. Foremost is my time on our state-mandated Joint Loss Management Committee, including six years as its chair. I also am an assistant teacher at a local martial arts school. While the school is privately owned by an individual, its success is contingent on a small group of dedicated adult members, not unlike the way a co-op's board informs its work.

Please describe any experience or skills that will help you be an effective board member.

My experience as an employee of our co-op is helpful for two major reasons. First, I have substantial knowledge of how the business operates. Second, I am in contact with a substantial number of our members daily, lending to an understanding of what co-op members want and expect of our business that is unique to the other members of our board.

What opportunities and challenges do you see for the Co-op?

The biggest opportunity and challenge will be embodying our newly added end- to welcome and include all who engage with our co-op equally. It is a lofty goal. When that is done properly, a richer base of knowledge, ideas, and experiences will exist to help guide the accomplishment of our other ends.

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