Cheese Platter Ordering Form

cheese platters

Cheese and Charcuterie Ordering Form

Let our experienced cheesemongers build you a cheese platter like no other! Our pros live for this stuff, with the skills and experience to pair just the right mix of flavors and textures.

Our cheese and charcuterie platters are made with the highest-quality products carefully arranged by hand for unmatched taste and visual appeal. Garnished with fresh fruits, vegetables and/or an assortment of dried fruits and nuts.

Cheesemonger Platter
$99 (S)    $124 (M)    $149 (L)

An assortment of crowd-pleasing cheeses, handpicked by our expert Cheesemongers. Garnished with fresh and dried fruits.

cheese platters

Small serves 10-15.
Medium serves 25-35.
Large serves 45-55.

Cheesemonger Gourmet Platter
$149 (M)    $199 (L)

A selection of the world’s finest cheeses, including many farmstead and artisanal varieties. Expect stronger and more complex flavors in this platter.

Garnished with fresh and dried fruits and nuts.

cheese platters

Medium serves 25-35.
Large serves 45-55.

Cheesemonger Regional Platter
$149 (M)    $199 (L)

A selection of regional cheeses from farms located around the Upper Valley and beyond. Providing different textures of seasonal cow, sheep and goat’s milk cheeses. We hand-select cheeses by seasonal availability and ripeness.

Platter garnished with fresh and dried fruits and nuts.

cheese platters

Medium serves 25-35.
Large serves 45-55.

Charcuterie Board

A variety of the world’s finest Charcuterie, hand selected and sliced or cut by our skilled staff. Garnished with pickled and fresh vegetables and charcuterie friendly cheeses.

cheese platters

Serves 25-35.

Input Your Information

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Please indicate any dietary requests.

Allergen Statement

Menu items may contain, or come into contact with, WHEAT, EGGS, PEANUTS, TREE NUTS, FISH, SHELLFISH, SOY and MILK. Our in-store kitchens are not certified allergy-free establishments.

We try our best to accommodate any allergen or dietary needs upon request. We do caution that cross contamination may still occur.

Dietary Requests

We are happy to accommodate any dietary concerns, please allow 2-3 days to fulfill any special requests.

Please Note: We can't guarantee orders placed with less than 72 hr notice. All orders under 72 hrs. will be confirmed by a phone call.

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