COVID-19 Info and the Co-op

COVID Policy Dashboards

The items on these dashboards are to provide transparency on active COVID cases and which policies are under review, any status updates, effective dates, and why the policy has or has not been changed.

This dashboard reflect the collective efforts of our business unit managers, their department managers, our Food Safety and Advisory Team (FAST), and the leadership team.

Program/Service Description Status of Program/Policy Effective Date of Change New Policy/
Special Conditions
Mask Policy-Employees All Employees required to wear masks in our retail locations. Resumes
Employees are required to wear masks whether they are vaccinated or not.
Mask Policy-Shoppers All Shoppers required to wear masks in our retail locations. Resumes
Shoppers are required to wear masks whether they are vaccinated or not.
Mask Policy-Vendors All Vendors required to wear masks in our retail locations. Resumes
Vendors are required to wear masks whether they are vaccinated or not.
Product Returns Allow for non-perishable products to be retuned to the shelf or credited back to vendor. Resumed
Milk Bottle Returns Allow for customers to return bottles at our checkout/service desk areas. Employees handle/sort bottles. Resumed
Self-serve Bulk Allow for self-serve peanut butter and almond butter, oils, and honey. Resumed
Self-serve Coffee Allow for customers to resume this program in our PFD departments & refill their cups. Resumed
Reusable Containers Use approved containers for Bulk. Resumed
Self-serve Soup Allow for this program to resume in Fall Modified
Resume in Fall
Bulk Shrimp Allow for Bulk frozen shrimp program to resume. Leb only program at this time. Program Eliminated
Reusable Bags Allow for customers to use their own shopping bags and place them directly on our checkout areas. Resumed
Active Demos Allow vendor demos and product samplings in store
once mask mandate has
been lifted.
Lobby Access Allow for community groups to table in the lobbies. Resumed
Re-Cork Collection Resume collection of corks
for customers.
Indoor Seating Allow for indoor seating at CCM and in lower café area in Lebanon. Resumed
ONLY at CCM and Lower café level at Lebanon.
Outdoor Seating Allow for outdoor seating at Hanover, Lebanon, and CCM. Resumed
Hours of Operation Resume 7 am opening of store in Hanover, Lebanon, and WRJ. Modified
7 am hours resumes for Lebanon and WRJ ONLY.
At Risk Hours Maintain first 90 minutes for at risk shoppers. Last hour in Leb for First Responders. Recinded
Full Service Hours Meat, Seafood, Deli and PFD departments remain staffed until closing. No Change
Staff Availability precludes a change at this time. Under continual review.

COVID Cases Dashboard

Updated: Monday, 1/17/22

Our dashboard is designed to give you a quick, at-a-glance summary of the number of COVID cases within our cooperative community.

To protect confidentiality, the dashboard provides only the number of cases, not names, locations, or any other information that might inadvertently reveal a person’s identity.

Number of COVID-19 Cases: Employees Low Risk High Risk
Active Cases 4    0   
Cumulative Cases 12    0   
Recovered Cases 8    0   
How Do We Determine Risk?
When notified of a case, the Co-op works with health officials to determine risk, using guidance from the CDC. The Department of Health works to notify anyone who may have been in contact with the virus using established contact-tracing protocols.

Number of COVID-19 Cases: Vendors Low Risk High Risk
Active Cases 0    0   
Cumulative Cases 1    0   
Recovered Cases 1    0   
More About Co-op Vendors and Saftey
All vendors are required to follow Co-op safety protocols. Masks must be worn at all times, including before and after business hours. Face coverings must be worn in all areas of our buildings, including receiving areas, backrooms, coolers, and storage areas.

Additional Information: Employees
Total Number of Co-op Employees 380

Masks and Social Distancing

Shoppers, masks required (effective 8/9). No mask, no entry, no exceptions. Also, please continue to shop wisely. Practice social distancing, do no come to the Co-op if you have any symptoms of COVID-19, and shop alone as much as possible to reduce the number of people in our stores.

Touch-free Shopping

Our popular curbside pickup program is easy, touch-free, and you can shop online. We offer more than 9,500 products, same price as in stores. Members only. Learn more and sign up here.

Not a member? Let’s fix that.

Cleaning and Food Safety

The Co-op has extensive cleaning procedures in place and an industry-leading food-safety training program. We also employ a third party to clean thoroughly after closing so that our stores are as safe as possible for our shoppers the next morning.

Employee Benefits

Many grocery stores employ part-time workers with no benefits. At the Co-op, most of our workforce is full-time, with excellent benefits.

What does this mean for you? Employees who are sick or need to quarantine have the support they need to stay home.


All locations allow the use of reusable bags. Please clean bags thoroughly between trips to the store, and pack your own bags. Employees asked to assist will use rubber gloves.

Never let bags out of your possession. This includes not putting bags on the belt at checkout.

Note: Vermont law bans retailers from offering single-use plastics to customers, including plastic grocery bags. Paper bags may be provided, but the law requires retailers to charge 10 cents per bag. Vermont only.

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We are accepting returns. Any product purchased at the Co-op may be returned within 30 days of purchase to any of our locations.

Glass Milk Bottles

Glass milk bottles can be returned at our checkout/service desk areas.

Transparency and Communication

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