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Savory Sandwiches Start Here

The sandwich. Named after a fairly unremarkable 18th-century Earl. (Just one more cool thing made popular by a potentate.) If you love sandwiches as much as we do, you'll love our staff picks this week, featuring one of our favorite deli meats and two breads with the flavor and texture to make a perfect pairing. The 4th Earl of Sandwich would be proud.

Given our wine recommendations are always popular, we're also rounding out our picks this week with two wonderful wines that aren't always easy to come by due to high demand. (Wink wink nudge nudge: get 'em while you can!)

As always, thanks to our mighty Co-op food nerds for their expertise. Want to show 'em a little love? Try something new, reach out and tell us what you think.

Updated 4/12/24


Uncured Ham

Our friends at McKenzie are industry leaders in animal welfare and supreme dedication to craft, with all-natural meats and cheeses made with no added growth hormones or antibiotics ever. This naturally smoked, gluten-free, uncured ham has no added nitrites or nitrates and is sourced from independent farms. Recommended by Natalie Louder, a deli clerk in our Lebanon store and an expert on how to select great deli meats to make a seriously savory sandwich!

""It is lightly smoked and not overly salty. It has a nice flavor and texture, closest to ham right off the bone. I recommend this to all my customers. They come in and ask for Natalie's ham!""

Available At
Hanover, Lebanon & White River Jct.Deli Dept.


Deli Style Gluten-Free Bread

If you've never tried a Schär product, you're in for a real treat here. We adore these people. One, they believe food has the power to unify people. How great is that? Two, they have elevated gluten-free baking to new heights. Three, their goal is to "delight our consumers at all moments of the day and all stages of their lives." This GF sliced bread delivers, made in true artisanal style for a uniquely superb, New York deli-style texture and taste.

Recommended by Ronnie Webster, a prepared foods supervisor at our White River Junction store who knows her stuff.

"This bread is one of the best gluten-free breads I have tried. It's the perfect size package for a couple or individual who does not eat a lot of bread."

Available At
Hanover, Lebanon & White River Jct.Bakery Dept.


White Pita Bread

We love these pita breads, which is saying something given that we come across a lot of pita breads. Made in small batches Old World style, perfect for stuffing with your favorite cold cuts for delicious sandwiches and wraps. Recommended by Annie LegerJeffrey, a culinary magician in our world-renown* Co-op Kitchen.

"This Pita bread is chewy, fresh, and delicious. The best I have found in a grocery store—EVER!"

Available At
Hanover, Lebanon & White River Jct.Bakery Dept.


Gueguen Chablis

The Gueguen family is based in the hamlet of Préhy, just south west of Chablis. The winery is dedication to technique and caring for the environment while also preserving the aromatic complexity of the wines. This Chablis offers notes of white flowers and peach and is beautifully balanced. Often hard to get, too! Also recommended by Sam Clifton.

"The Famille Gueguen Chablis is the third Chablis to be added to our shelf, and has been difficult to source due to the increased demand for the varietal."

Available At


Merlot Tannat

Bouza is gaining a reputation as an up-and-coming Uruguayan winery that's ready to compete on the world stage. This blend has dark notes of saturated blackberry and plum, with a bit of chocolate on the finish. A wonderful red for accompaning steak and other grilled meats. Recommended by Sam Clifton, one our surest wine experts and a popular and friendly face at our Hanover store.

"The Bouza Merlot Tannat is a great example of quality Uruguayan wine, something that doesn't make it this far north very often."

Available At

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