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Updated 3/17/23
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Crisp Dill Pickle

The "OG" Fresh Garlic Dill Pickle Chips

3 oz.......................$1.79  Save 70¢

NEW! "Bold! Fabulous! A new era in pickle chips! Five stars! Would totally eat these for breakfast!" This is just a sampling of the hyperbolic praise our staff has bestowed on these new garlic dill pickle chips. (And some of these people don't impress easily.)

New in our Prepared Foods Department, these little wonders are single-serve, brine-free pickles that you can get ... wait for it ... in a pouch! Okay, there are other pouched pickles out there, but none as good as these, and most with way more sodium. Serve with a sandwich, use as a burger topping, or just snack on 'em right out of the bag. Just one more awesome thing coming outta Jersey.

Available At
All Locations Prepared Foods Dept.

Kettle Brand Air Fried Chips

Kettle Brand
Air Fried Potato Chips

Who didn't love seeing Jamie Lee Curtis, Brendan Fraser, and Ke Huy Quan absolutely slaying it at the Oscars the other night? Now stay with us on this one ... Kettle Brand's three new varieties of air-fried, kettle-cooked chips—Himalayan Pink Salt, Jalapeño, and Salt & Vinegar—are like the Curtis, Fraser, and Quan of fried, thinly sliced tuberous root vegetables. They can totally hold their own against the big brands dominating the market, with a plucky spirit and fabulous flavor. They also have 30% less fat than original kettle chips.

Available At
Hanover, Lebanon & White River Jct. Grocery Dept.

Miss Jones Baking Co.

Miss Jones Baking Co.
Original Oat Pancake and Waffle Mix

Eat your pancakes or waffles knowing that less is more. Each gluten-free bag contains oat flour, 100% whole grain, and 10, count 'em, 10 grams of protein, with no artificial colors or flavors. Oh, and they also have 50% less sugar than the leading brand.

Pro Tip: Pick up some local apples from our friends at Champlain Orchards, make simple and delicious baked cinnamon apples, then use as a topping for delicious homemade apple cider pancakes or waffles.

Available At
Hanover, Lebanon & White River Jct. Grocery Dept.

Maplebrook Farm Cheese

Maplebrook Farm
North Bennington, Vt.
Feta, Ricotta or Cheddar Bites

Our friends at Maplebrook Farm use Old World techniques to create their distinctive cheeses, made with loving care in small batches and then wrapped by hand.

The feta is made from 100% Vermont cow's milk, which gives it a bold and creamy flavor and smooth texture balanced by the salty brine.

The ricotta is hand-dipped the old-fashioned way from kettles, creating a smooth and delicate texture, full flavor, and outstanding quality. Pro Tip: Try it on toast with cinnamon and sugar for a simple breakfast treat, or bake it into a lasagna for a traditional Italian family favorite.

Last but not least, cheddar bites are cheddar cheese curds that are pulled from the vat before they would be pressed into blocks for aging, then set overnight to enhance the flavor and packaged in 8 oz grab-and-go containers. Perfect for lunch boxes, cocktail parties, salads, or an anytime snack.

Available At
Hanover, Lebanon & White River Jct. Cheese Dept.

O'Hara's Irish Stout Nitro

Irish Stout Nitro

We always try to hook you up with a special-edition beer at St. Patrick's Day, and this year we landed a doozy. Rare and in limited supply, this Nitro has a robust roast flavor complemented by a full-bodied and smooth mouthfeel, canned so that you can experience the same brilliant cascading effect and smooth creamy head as a draught pour.

Winner of multiple awards and genuinely authentic, brewed with Irish malts. Dark in color with light licorice notes and a roast espresso aftertaste.

Available At

O'Hara's Irish Stout Nitro

Zero Gravity
Burlington, Vt.
Irish Cream Nitro Porter

We love this beer anytime of year, but especially on St. Patrick's Day. One of Zero Gravity's signature beers, the Nitro Porter is a rich, thick, textured beer, with dark notes and a slightly complex aftertaste.

This is why it pairs so well with strong, flavorful foods like corned beef, cheese, and cabbage. It also makes a great dessert beer, as the dark and roasty malt is perfectly balanced by sweet additions of cacao nibs and Tahitian vanilla. A toasty treat!

Available At
White River Jct.

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