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Updated 06/10/21
Fabulous foods and unique products handpicked by Co-op staff just for you. Updated weekly.

Smart Chicken Split Chicken

Smart Chicken
Organic or Natural Split Chicken Grillers

Sold by the lb.......................  Save $1.50/lb

Seriously, Smart Chicken is like no other chicken out there. Ethically sourced, humanely raised, air-chilled, hand-carved, with no added water. (Have you ever seen the unpleasant liquid that's typically added to chicken? Yeesh.)

Chicken aficionados rave over the succulent flavor and amazing taste. Try the Split Chicken Grillers, natural or organic, grill-ready and on sale this week. Woot!

Available At
Hanover, Lebanon & White River Jct. Meat Section


Big Gear Coffee Roasters
Montpelier, Vermont
Full Suspension Whole Bean Coffee

Locally roasted with the highest-quality beans ethically sourced from all over the world. Full-suspension is a beast of a roast, Big Gear's darkest, with smoky, chocolate, and brown spice flavor notes. (See what they did there? They infused chocolate flavor notes. Because, chocolate.)

Not for the mild at heart, bold and full-bodied for serious dark-roast lovers.

Available At
White River Jct. Only Grocery Section


Big Gear Coffee Roasters
Hard Tail Whole Bean Coffee

One of the most unique coffee-tasting experiences you'll ever have. Hard Trail is a medium roast made with organic, fair-trade beans from the Sierra Nevada region of Columbia.

The beans are then aged in Barr Hill Tom Cat gin barrels (empty, of course!). The alcohol burns off during roasting, leaving flavor notes of Tom Cat gin, melon, dried fruit, and chocolate. Yeah, we feel you. We're jonesin' for a big cup now, too.

Available At
White River Jct. Only Grocery Section

Jasper Hill Farm

Jasper Hill Farm
Greensboro Bend, Vt.
Synergy Cheese

6.5 oz.......................2/$5  Save $5.49 ea

We've landed a fantastic deal on this legendary cheese, so we can offer it to you at a fabulous price! Synergy Cheddar is a Vermont cooperative marvel produced by Cabot Creamery and aged in the Cellars at Jasper Hill Farm.

Sophisticated yet mild and versatile, it's lovely both by itself or in a recipe. We recommend pairing with a Pinot Noir Reserve from our friends at La Riojana—a fair-trade wine co-op!

Available At
All Loctions Cheese Section

Maplebrook Farm Hand Dipped Ricotta

Maplebrook Farm
North Bennington, Vermont
Hand-Dipped Ricotta

16 oz.......................$4.99  Save $1.00

In the old days, ricotta was hand-dipped from giant kettles. The good folks at Maplebrook Farm in North Bennington, Vt., have carried on the artful tradition of crafting ricotta, and the results are worth it. We love this ricotta for its smooth, delicate texture, rich flavor, and outstanding quality.

Perfect for any recipe, savory or sweet. Want something different? Try it on toast with cinnamon and sugar for a simple breakfast treat! Or of course, bake it into a lasagna for a traditional Italian family favorite.

Available At
Hanover, Lebanon & White River Jct. Cheese Section


Organic Rice Vinegar

What makes food great is attention to detail, like using a good vinegar. Marukan Organic Rice Vinegar is brewed using a traditional method, then aged in holding tanks for about a month until it mellows.

Vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free, with a mild acidity to enrich your favorite dishes. Made from certified organic rice grown in the rich, fertile fields of California's Northern Central Valley.

Available At
Hanover, Lebanon, White River Jct. Grocery Section


Co-op Kitchen
Greek Pasta Salad

This customer favorite is made in-house by a secret society of Co-op pasta wizards with spooky initiation rites. The results are worth it, because in a world of meh Greek pasta salads, this one is a standout.

Made from red lentil pasta with a blend of bell peppers, red onion, celery, grape tomatoes, and feta cheese, all tossed with herb garlic vinaigrette.

Available At
All Locations Prepared Foods Section

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