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Updated 12/03/21

Fabulous foods and unique products handpicked by Co-op staff just for you. Updated weekly.

Nichols Tree Farm

Nichols Tree Farm
Lyme, NH
Balsam Trees & Wreaths

We've carried these customer-favorite trees and wreaths from our friends at Nichols Tree Farm for many years. Lush, beautiful, fragrant, and grown with loving care on a 4th-generation, family-owned farm right here in the Upper Valley.

Available At
Trees (Lebanon, White River Jct. and Market)
Wreaths (Hanover, Lebanon) Floral Section (Outside Store)

Amish Kitchens

Amish Kitchens
Egg Noodles (Wide, Extra Wide or Kluski)

Amish Kitchens Noodles are made in Millersburg, Ohio, the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country. Some of the best we've ever tried, the noodles have a firm texture, rich flavor, and golden color.

The perfect foundation for your special homemade entrées, soups, and casseroles.

Available At
Hanover & Lebanon Grocery Section

Mount Hagen Coffee Sticks

Mount Hagen
Organic Fair Trade Single Serve Coffee Sticks

NEW! We asked our in-house instant coffee lover to give us his take on these new instant coffee sticks, and he said he would never go back to his old brand again. Instant can be delightful when done right, and this blend comes from the first instant coffee producer in the world to be organic and fair-trade certified.

Every granule is planted, cultivated, harvested, processed, and packaged by workers being paid fairly and respectably.

Available At
Hanover & Lebanon Grocery Section


Big Gear Coffee Roasters
Montpelier, Vermont
Whole Bean Coffee

Locally roasted in Montpelier, Vermont, with the highest-quality fair-trade beans ethically sourced from all over the world. Looking for something unique to serve your interloping family members this holiday season?

Wake them up with a big cup of Full-Suspension or Hard Trail. Full-Suspension is a beast of a roast, Big Gear's darkest, with smoky, chocolate, and brown spice flavor notes. Hard Trail is a medium roast made with organic beans from the Sierra Nevada region of Columbia.

The beans are then aged in gin barrels (gin barrels, people!), leaving flavor notes of gin, melon, dried fruit, and chocolate. One of the most unique coffee experiences you'll find. Woot!

Available At
Hanover, Lebanon & White River Jct. Bulk Section


Cabot Creamery Cooperative
Clothbound Cheddar

Sold by the lb.......................  Save $2.00/lb

An award-winning, best-in-show collaboration between Jasper Hill Farm and Cabot Creamery! This crumbly, nutty cheddar is the cornerstone of Jasper Hill's legendary collection.

An award-winning, best-in-show collaboration between Jasper Hill Farm and Cabot Creamery. Deeply savory, slightly tangy, with a caramel sweetness to the finish.

This savory-sweet balance of flavor makes a perfect match for charcuterie, apple jelly, or a rich chestnut honey. Pair with an off-dry sparkling apple cider or hoppy ale.

Available At
Hanover & Lebanon Cheese Section


Cobb Hill
Hartland, Vermont
Good Old Gouda

Sold by the lb.......................  Save $2.00/lb

Our friends at Cobb Hill Cheese have been producing handcrafted, award-winning Vermont artisan cheeses for more than 20 years. Good Old Gouda is an aged version of Cobb Hill's storied original Gouda recipe, aged between 6 and 9 months until the cheese develops a full, sweet flavor.

Made with raw milk from pampered Jersey cows that graze on pastures maintained without artificial pesticides or fertilizers.

Available At
Hanover & Lebanon Cheese Section

Co-op Kitchen Tarragon Chicken Salad

Co-op Kitchen
Tarragon Chicken Salad

8 oz.......................$5.49  Save $1.50

An all-time favorite from the Co-op Kitchen! Made with fresh shredded chicken, celery, and onion mixed with raisins in a tarragon-mayo dressing.

Available At
All Locations Prepared Foods Section

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