Environmental Policy

The board of directors at the Co-op Food Stores established our seventh End statement to ensure that the Co-op operates in a sustainable way. End seven states that the Co-op will be a “thriving business that protects and restores the environment.” The Co-op Food Stores is committed to lessening our environmental impact and conserving natural resources through our operations.

It is our policy to ensure we are offering sustainable product options on our shelves, educating members and customers on environmental issues, and decreasing the environmental impact of our stores through energy- efficiency and waste-reduction efforts.

You asked, We listened!

Regularly, our conscientious, planet-friendly shoppers ask about our environmental programs. Here are some of the great sustainability programs and events we sponsor throughout the year.

Food Composting

The food waste recycling division of Nordic Waste Services offers several composting options. The Co-op has partnered to provide drop-off sites at the Lebanon, Hanover, and White River Junction locations once per week. In addition, curbside pickup is also available. It is super easy and convenient and a great way to compost—in someone else’s yard! >>Sign up here!

How Lebanon Solid Waste Facility is Turning Food Waste into Compost

In the 19th century, New York City used scavenging swine as a way to eliminate organic refuse. Fast forward to today, in which the United States produces more than 70 billion pounds of food waste every year. This reaches our landfills, contributing to methane emissions and wasting energy and resources across the food supply chain. Bottom line—because of our waste, we have a huge greenhouse gas problem.

To the rescue: Lebanon Solid Waste Facility now offers its customers the opportunity to purchase a Compost Permit as a way to divert food waste. The program is simple and convenient, and participation in this program will help reduce the amount of waste actually going into the landfill, ultimately reducing methane emissions. Good for the environment and for you and me!

Wondering if you can participate? This service is available to 23 N.H. and Vt. Communities.


The takeback program offered by Preserve, a B Corp located in Massachusetts, diverts #5 plastic from landfills and transforms it into toothbrushes and tableware. The Co-op offers collection opportunities, which have been postponed until further notice due to COVID-19. But don’t stop saving this plastic! Keep saving your #5s and stay tuned for more information as we get this program going again!


In a great collaborative effort with the help of the good folks at SecurShred, the Co-op offers paper shredding events for a donation of $5, which is then donated to our local LISTEN Community Services food pantry. This event allows you to shred any size box of paper, even with the staples! It’s a great event to securely rid your space of papers and benefit our neighbors in need. Stay tuned to our website for details on the next event.

Cork Collection

ReCork, North America’s largest natural wine cork recycling program, wants your cork! Recycling your natural wine corks helps replace environmentally harmful, petroleum-based materials in consumer produces with a natural, sustainable alternative. Check out the 100% recycled cork products here. In the meantime, stay tuned for more information on the starting date of our cork collection program and collection bins located at all food store locations.

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