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October Schedule

All Co-op classes take place in the Culinary Learning Center located in our Lebanon StoreCome to class prepared to learn and eat! All classes include extensive samples or a meal.

To Register

Preregister online here. After preregistering, you will be contacted by one of our staff to complete the registration process.

Or, register and pay for the class at either the Hanover or Lebanon Service Desk or by phone at
(603) 643-2667. Payment is expected when you register and confirms your place in the class. You will receive a full refund when the Co-op has to cancel a class, or if you cancel your registration with the Service Desk staff at least two full days in advance. Please note: Member discount applies to only fully vested Co-op Members who have at least 10 shares. Want class updates by email? Join our list!

Kids Camps

Check back for our camp schedule in January 2017.

Our Instructors

October Instructor Bios

Mark and Phillipa Lilienthal: Phillipa (Dartmouth College ’99) and Mark Lilienthal (a Norwich native) recently moved to the Upper Valley after 2 ½ years in rural Burgundy, France where they closely studied food traditions and habits among the local population. During their time in Burgundy, Phillipa won multiple cooking contests against French competitors. Mark was a wine guide in some of the most famous vineyards in the world. They also organized and ran several hands-on cooking classes in Burgundy. They are both proud members of the Confrérie de la Poule au Pot d’Henry IV, or the Chicken in a Pot Brotherhood, a society for food enthusiasts based in Arnay-le-Duc.

Irene Frondriest: Originally from a small town in the Italian Alps, Irene has always enjoyed cooking and baking with her mother, grandmother and mother-in-law. This is how she learned the secrets of authentic Italian cuisine, which she continues to refine when cooking at home with her husband (also Italian) and her two young daughters. Founder of La Casetta Rossa, an Italian after-school program for children, Irene teaches the Italian language and culture to children of the Upper Valley. At her school, she routinely incorporates cooking activities in her language classes and runs fun cooking camps centered on the classic dishes of the Italian cuisine. When teaching her recipes, Irene is always proud to share the true characteristics of Italian cuisine: simplicity and use of fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Ken Weldon: is an enthusiastic cheese lover. He shares his expertise through his position in the Hanover Co-op Cheese Department and blogs about cheese on the Co-op website.

Fermin: a Spanish producer, sources its product from pigs that are pasture-fed a combination of acorns and grain, which has a significant impact on the flavor of the meat. Then it brings the ham to market only after a four-year curing process. The result is one of the most coveted artisanal pork products in the world.

Heath Gosselin: a New Hampshire native, joins the CO-OP with 25 years of culinary experience specializing in vegan and vegetarian cuisine . As the previous owner of the Bean Gallery he has furthered his craft at Simon Pearce and now Pine restaurant.  Heath's unique approach to Vegan and vegetarian cuisine translates into full flavor and great fuel for the body. As an endurance athlete Heath understands the need for proper nutrition without sacrificing taste. 

Tara Gridley-Herzog: has worked in restaurants for over thirty years.  She currently enjoys creating winning sandwich combinations for customers of the Hanover Co-op Prepared Foods.

Red Hen Baking Co.—Randy George: We’re committed to sourcing the best possible ingredients to create world class breads. From our work with local wheat growers to rekindle a viable wheat variety for the Northeast, to our use of local butter in all our pastries, we’ve been on leading edge of the local food movement since 1998.

Michael Perlov: is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and a seasoned veteran of acclaimed restaurants, including Square One in San Francisco and L'Espalier in Boston.  He has traveled extensively around the world, has taught at Johnson and Wales, and has 20 years' experience preparing successful dinner parties in private homes.