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Diversity Equity & Inclusion Committee Meeting

DATE: Friday, February 14
TIME: 4-5 pm
LOCATION: Co-op Resource Center: Conference Room C

Monthly Board Meeting

DATE: Wednesday, February 26
TIME: 6:00 p.m.
LOCATION: Co-op Resource Center: Conference Room B

2019 HCCS Board Committee List for Member Involvement

Listed below are the chairpeople overseeing the various committees.

  • Bylaws Committee: Rosemary Fifield. Email at rosemaryfifield [at] board.coopfoodstore.com
  • Ends Committee: Benoit Roisin. Email at benoitroisin [at] board.coopfoodstore.com
  • Diversity Equity Inclusion Committee: Liz Blum. Email at eblum [at] board.coopfoodstore.com
  • Elections Committee: Allene Swienckowski. Email at alleneswienckowski [at] board.coopfoodstore.com
  • Governance Committee Chairperson: Kevin Birdsey. Email at kbirdsey [at] board.coopfoodstore.com
  • HCCF Advisory Committee: Tom Battles. Email at tombattles [at] board.coopfoodstore.com
  • Member Linkage Committee: TBD

    Note: Co-op members are welcome to attend board committee meetings and encouraged to share their thoughts with committee chairs on topics of interest to them.

    The time and location of board committee meetings will be posted 48 hours in advance. We look forward to seeing you!

Board Reports

Board Meeting Recap - January

The Co-op’s Board of Directors met on Wednesday, January 22, 2020 at the Co-op Resource Center in White River Junction, VT. Eleven directors were present, along with the General Manager, several members of the senior management team, and one Co-op member.

Member comments were received regarding the discontinuation of plastic bags at checkout which is slated to begin on February 1. Board member Benoit Roisin noted that paper bags are more damaging to the environment than plastic and urged their discontinuation, as well. Member Anna Harris recommended that plastic water bottles be removed from the stores, and board member Ed Howes noted that the stores have started to carry alternative packaging for some brands of bottled water.

The GM’s monitoring report on EL 12 – Board Logistical Support was voted as in compliance, and the board then discussed its own performance regarding the establishment of committees and how well committees met their individual charters (GP 10 and GP 11). GP 2 – Board Deliverables was also discussed with an eye to continuous improvement in board process. The board agreed to have the president include an educational component in each board meeting to assist with future planning and Ends development.

President Rosemary Fifield noted that the General Manager’s annual report on Ends achievement is coming up and because the Ends policy was changed in July, 2019, the question of which Ends policy the GM should report on was discussed. The group decided to have the GM report on the Ends which were in effect when the 2019 business plan was developed, with a note that the Ends were changed mid-year.

The Bylaws Committee asked for board input on the current bylaw that required subscribers to reach full member status within three years. Proposed bylaws changes will be presented to the membership for a vote in April 2021, not this year. The Governance Action Plan was reviewed with several board members taking responsibility for upcoming revisions and monitoring reports.

The General Manager’s report was followed by an update from Election Committee chair Allene Swienckowski regarding candidate recruitment for four open seats in the upcoming board election. DEI Committee chair Liz Blum noted the success of the recent event at the Norwich Library featuring author Teresa Mares’ discussion of migrant worker issues in Vermont and alerted all present to an exhibit and panel discussion at the Quechee Library called “I Am Vermont, Too.”

The board then went into executive session to discuss financial matters with the GM and management team members. Upon leaving the session, the board voted unanimously to approve “Growth Option #3 as presented by the GM during Executive Session.”

The meeting adjourned shortly before 9 p.m.

Your comments are always welcome. Feel free to send us an president [at] coopfoodstore.com (email).

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