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Monthly Board Meeting

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DATE: Wednesday, May 27
TIME: 6 pm
ZOOM LINK: Meeting ID# 979 3100 1640

2019 HCCS Board Committee List for Member Involvement

Listed below are the chairpeople overseeing the various committees.

  • Bylaws Committee: Rosemary Fifield. Email at rosemaryfifield [at] board.coopfoodstore.com
  • Ends Committee: Benoit Roisin. Email at benoitroisin [at] board.coopfoodstore.com
  • Diversity Equity Inclusion Committee: Liz Blum. Email at eblum [at] board.coopfoodstore.com
  • Elections Committee: Allene Swienckowski. Email at alleneswienckowski [at] board.coopfoodstore.com
  • Governance Committee Chairperson: Kevin Birdsey. Email at kbirdsey [at] board.coopfoodstore.com
  • HCCF Advisory Committee: Tom Battles. Email at tombattles [at] board.coopfoodstore.com
  • Member Linkage Committee: TBD

    Note: Co-op members are welcome to attend board committee meetings and encouraged to share their thoughts with committee chairs on topics of interest to them.

    The time and location of board committee meetings will be posted 48 hours in advance. We look forward to seeing you!

Board Reports

Board Meeting Recap - April 29, 2020

The Co-op’s Board of Directors held its April 29, 2020, meeting remotely, convening at six p.m. Eleven board members were in attendance, along with the General Manager, Director of Finance, Director of Administrative Operations, the Board Administrator, and four board candidates. After passing the consent agenda and hearing no member comments, the meeting moved into monitoring the report on EL 2 – Financial Condition and Performance found in the April board packet. Interim General Manager Paul Guidone brought the members up to date on financial performance since issuance of the board packet report and answered questions. The board found the EL 2 monitoring report showed compliance to the policy.

The board then monitored its own performance on several policies that had been postponed from the February and March meetings, as well as those due in April. The board chose not to act on proposed revisions to GP 4 – Board Members’ Code of Conduct at the meeting and discussed ways to improve the quality and frequency of participation from all board members. Board performance on Governing Style as well as on several Board-General Manager policies was discussed with general agreement that the board meets those policies in its relationship with the GM and the Co-op’s employees under the GM’s management.

Looking at governance process for the upcoming months produced discussion of concern regarding the seating of new board members in May. Last year, the seating of two incoming board members was delayed due to the processing time for liquor sales licensing required by Vermont and New Hampshire state statutes. The potential for delays due to COVID-19 were discussed, with concern expressed by some members that the election of officers could be affected. The board president assured all concerned parties that the election of officers will take place in May, with contingency plans to consider the choices temporary, if necessary, until a fully seated board can verify the election.

The board president noted that this was the last meeting for four outgoing board members — Tom Battles, Liz Blum, Benoit Roisin, and Ann Shriver Sargent — and the board thanked them for their service.

Policy monitoring during COVID-19 was discussed, with a suggestion to reconsider which Executive Limitations policies are most crucial to monitor during this period of continuous change. With a number of employees working from home and meetings being conducted remotely, concern for IT security was mentioned. A motion to postpone the scheduled May monitoring of EL 9 – Cooperative Giving Programs until the August meeting and to request a May monitoring report on EL 3 – Asset Protection, in particular 3.6 which addresses protection of data, files, information, and intellectual property, was approved.

After giving an update to the General Manager’s Report, which can be found in the board packet, Paul Guidone took the board through a quick explanation of the Scenario Planning documents that address how the Co-op would respond to major disruptions of business, including rising percentages of employees no longer able to report to work.

The meeting was then adjourned.

Your comments are always welcome. Feel free to send us an president [at] coopfoodstore.com (email).

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