Listed below are the most current food recalls that we are aware of, along with information of what to do if you have purchased a recalled product. Items posted will be removed after a month of their posted date.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Recall Notice: 10/23/2020

Product Name: Cottonelle® Flushable Wipes and Cottonelle® GentlePlus Flushable Wipes, 84 Ct
Reason for Recall: Kimberly-Clark announced a product recall of its Cottonelle® Flushable Wipes and Cottonelle® GentlePlus Flushable Wipes sold throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean, due to the detection of some Cottonelle® Flushable Wipes that do not meet our high quality standards. Please check your lot number above to see if your product is included. No other Cottonelle® products are affected by this recall and Flushable Wipes not impacted are safe to use.

Consumers can identify this product by looking for the specific lot numbers found on the bottom of each package. The affected product could show the presence of a bacterium (Pluralibacter gergoviae) which naturally occurs in the environment and in the human body. Pluralibacter gergoviae rarely causes serious infections in healthy individuals. However, individuals with weakened immune systems are at a heightened risk of infection.

Any consumer experiencing a health-related issue should immediately seek medical advice and stop using the product. At this time there is a low rate of non-serious complaints, such as irritation and minor infection, reported for the affected wipes.
UPC Number: 036000359701
Affected Dates: The recall is limited to specific lots of Cottonelle® Flushable Wipes and Cottonelle® GentlePlus Flushable Wipes manufactured between February 7, 2020 – September 14, 2020.

Recall Notice: 10/16/2020

Product Name: Portland Pie Beer Pizza Dough, Beer, Garlic, 20 oz and Portland Pie Gluten-Free Pizza Dough, 16 oz
Reason for Recall: This recall is being issued by the manufacturer out of an abundance of caution after an incident at various Hannaford supermarkets in southern Maine and southeastern New Hampshire where a suspect opened the sealed packaging and inserted razor blades into the product. According to the manufacturer, there is no evidence at this time that any product tampering occurred outside of Hannaford locations, but the product is being recalled nonetheless. Again, this is being done out of an abundance of caution.
UPC Number: 814959000574, 814959000765, 814959007597
Affected Dates: All product sold after August 1st, 2020
Portland Pizza Pie Recall

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