Ways to Save at the Co-op

Save on these great deals every day, not just once per month! Members save AND earn CO-OP Rewards on these and other items on sale. Look for these logos each time you shop to save.

Co-op Basics

Co+op Basics

Co-ops nationwide have banded together for buying power so we can pass the savings on to you. Co+op Basics allows us to offer the best pricing we can every day on these items. Co+op Basics includes generic brands, such as Field Day and Food Club, which include a wide range of organic and non-organic products such as canned goods, pasta, baking items, and condiments. Both members and shoppers save on these products every day.



Look for BOGOs (Buy One, Get One Free) throughout the year, including great deals on rice, pasta, pasta sauce, sugar, flour, snacks, and international foods. You’ll see an expansion of these deals starting in 2023.

Big Deals

Big Deals

We go after the best pricing we can on customer favorites and staple groceries, including dairy items and frozen foods. We offer member and non-member sale prices for our Big Deals, with extra-low pricing for members. These popular items are on sale for a 2-3 week period each month. Look for an expansion of these deals starting in 2023.

Co-op Deals

Sale Items

Look for the yellow sale signs up and down our aisles in every department. We have thousands of items on sale each week.

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