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DATE: Wednesday, 5/26
TIME: 5:15 pm
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Special Board Meeting Recap—May 1, 2021

The Co-op’s Board of Directors held a special meeting via Zoom on May 1, 2021, to confirm the election of a write-in candidate to hold the one-year director’s seat for the 2021/2022 board year. Seven of ten board members were present.

Co-op member and current Board member Rosemary Fifield received the most votes (76) as a write-in candidate. The board voted to confirm her election, noting her eligibility and willingness to serve in the one-year position.

Board President Jessica Saturley-Hall addressed the upcoming training for all directors who will serve on the 2021/2022 board and asked for input on the best day and time to hold three meetings with the consultant from Governance Coach during the training period.

After a thank-you to Election Committee chair Emmanuel Ajavon, the meeting adjourned.

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Board Meeting Recap—April, 28, 2021

The Co-op’s Board of Directors met on April 28, 2021 via Zoom. Nine of ten board members were present as well as five Co-op employees, two board candidates, and one additional Co-op member. After passing the consent agenda and hearing no comments from members present, the board went on to accept the monitoring report from the General Manager on the first-quarter financials. The Co-op continues to show strong sales while continuing the pandemic trend of fewer shopper transactions but greater basket size per visit.

Board self-monitoring reports were provided by Emmanuel Ajavon, Peggy O’Neil, and Manish Kumar. The board discussed ways in which it could improve its own performance and noted progress that has been made in the past months.

In his GM Report, Paul Guidone updated the board on the Co-op’s meeting with Efficiency Vermont as work on energy goals continues. He noted Efficiency Vermont’s familiarity with the grocery sector as a real plus. Additional details are available on the Co-op’s blog in Paul’s message to the members.

The board then moved into a discussion of how to proceed with the unprecedented (in recent history, at least) election of a board member via write-in. With five open seats and four named candidates, the fifth seat—a one-year position—will be filled by a write-in with the most votes, assuming that person is eligible and willing to take the position. A motion was made, seconded, and approved to have the board meet to confirm the election of the write-in who meets all the criteria. A May 1 meeting for that purpose was agreed upon.

Mandatory Policy Governance® training for all board members on the 2021/2022 board of directors was then discussed. Board president Jessica Saturley-Hall will connect with Governance Coach to set up three meetings with consultant Richard Stringham and share the dates. All directors should complete the self-learning modules by the May 26 board meeting. The agenda for the May meeting will include follow-up to ensure compliance by all board members.

Continuing the Governance Coach contract was discussed and a motion made to suggest that the next board seriously consider renewing the contract which expires on June 30. Paul Guidone noted that their services have been helpful to him, and he considers the contract worth renewing.

Board member Manish Kumar presented the results of the member vote to choose a recipient of the $500 normally given to a local non-profit by the winner of the annual Allen and Nan King Award. With no nominees for the award, the board chose to offer Co-op members the opportunity to designate the recipient of the monetary donation. Good Neighbor Health Clinic received the most member votes and will receive the $500.

Treasurer Peggy O’Neil addressed acceptance of the audited financials for 2020 and board approval to release a final letter from the auditors to the Co-op’s creditors. Audit planning for the next three years was discussed, followed by authorization of the Treasurer to begin with Baker, Newman, & Noyes, the current auditing firm.

In an election retrospective, the board acknowledged the need to be proactive year-round in finding and developing potential board candidates and noted the difficulties presented by the pandemic in

connecting with interested individuals. The May meeting agenda will include additional discussion on this topic for the new board to address.

Board member responsibility for upcoming board self-monitoring reports for May and June was noted. DEI Committee chair Kevin Birdsey deferred to the written report as his committee update. Governance Committee chair Rosemary Fifield asked the board to accept the preliminary document offered in the board packet as the basis for creating a GP that addresses violation of Board Policy by a board member. The board voted to move ahead with the GP, with recognition of the need for accountability while keeping the language from sounding too much like law enforcement.

Board member Nick Clark moved to rescind all current Executive Limitation policies (ELs) and adopt the new ELs as presented in the Board Packet, with an effective date of May 1, 2021. The motion was unanimously approved.

After adopting a calendar for reporting on the new ELs, the meeting adjourned.

Your comments are always welcome. Feel free to send us an email to bod [at]

2020 HCCS Board Committee List for Member Involvement

Listed below are the chairpeople overseeing the various committees.

  • Bylaws Committee: Rosemary Fifield. Email at rosemaryfifield [at]
  • Ends Committee: Marta Ceroni. Email at martaceroni [at]
  • Elections Committee: Emmanuel Ajavon. Email at emmanuelajavon [at]
  • Governance Committee: Rosemary Fifield. Email at rosemaryfifield [at]
  • HCCF Advisory Committee: Kevin Birdsey. Email at kbirdsey [at]
  • Member Linkage Committee: Jessica Giordani. Email at jessicagiordani [at]
  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee: Kevin Birdsey. Email at kbirdsey [at]

Note: Co-op members are welcome to attend board committee meetings and encouraged to share their thoughts with committee chairs on topics of interest to them.

The time and location of board committee meetings will be posted 48 hours in advance. We look forward to seeing you!

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