Our legendary chefs and in-house culinary wizards have the skills, experience, and imagination to cover your next event in style. Think fresh, local ingredients turned into amazing dishes—breakfast, antipasto, entrées, quiche, New England favorites, cheese platters, sandwiches, desserts, and more.

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PHONE: 603-643-2667, ext. 3


Want to stretch your dollar? Bulk Foods are a great way to get more for your money.
Buy a little and save a lot!

Hanover: 603-640-6348
Lebanon: 603-442-4417


Center of Store

Because we’re a hybrid Co-op, you’ll find name-brand staple groceries right along with that natural, organic, or specialty item your looking for. We carry a wide array of products and are always in the aisles ready to assist our customers with questions.


You’ll see fully stocked shelves every time you visit our Dairy Departments. Pick up some Co-op Milk, made by a local farm, or stock up on your favorite varieties of yogurt. We have plenty of options in stock for you.


Stop by to visit the great staff who delivers you florist-quality flowers year round, with many grown by Upper Valley growers. Whether just picking up flowers for your dinner table, or looking for a centerpiece for a special event, stop in and our Floral Departments will be able to assist you.

Hanover: 603-640-6331
Lebanon: 603-643-6374

Order Online

You can now order beautiful bouquets of flowers online for delivery or pickup. (Thanks, Co-op web development team!) Hand-crafted with strict attention to detail by our highly experienced floral staff, the best in the business.

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Full service florist. Local delivery is available Monday-Friday.

Gift Baskets

Looking for a gift or fruit basket? Our staff will be more than happy to make one up for you or choose one of our popular and pre-made baskets.

Hanover: 603-643-0694
Lebanon: 603-643-6374


Health & Beauty

Our Healthy and Beauty Aids department has an extensive collection of products available for our customers. Choose from major brand names or from your favorite local specialty vendor. Have questions? Our great staff members will be happy to help assist you.

Hanover: 603-643-6347
Lebanon: 603-442-4422

Local Foods

More than 240 area and regional producers supply the Co-op throughout the year. Supporting local is a huge part of who we are.



Our Meat Department’s are like the old-fashioned butcher shop you grew up with. (Okay, maybe your parents grew up with it!) Fresh, quality meats, cut to your specifications, directly to you with preparation tips and outstanding customer service. We offer local and organic meats.

Hanover: 603-640-6314
Lebanon: 603-442-4414
White River: 603-643-2667 ext: 5516
Community Market: 603-643-2667 ext: 6374

Prepared Foods

Our Prepared Foods Department has a wide array of cooked ready to heat entrées, sides, and desserts. Staff is more than happy to package up a little or a lot for you to enjoy!

Hanover: 603-640-6332
Lebanon: 603-442-4432
White River: 603-643-2667 ext: 5512
Community Market: 603-643-2667 ext: 6374


If the Co-op is famous for anything, it's for our Produce Departments. Our Produce Departments are committed to providing our customers with great quality produce—many from local farms, some from around the world.

Hanover: 603-640-6313
Lebanon: 603-442-4413
White River: 603-643-2667 ext: 5514


Our Seafood Departments offers all your favorites, including information on sustainable seafood. So you can be confident in your seafood selection.

Hanover: 603-640-6350
Lebanon: 603-442-4419
White River: 603-643-2667 ext: 5516

Wine & Cheese

Our staff hand-selects products with a focus on quality, uniqueness, and of course, supporting small and local producers.

Hanover: 603-640-6312
Lebanon: 603-442-4412

Hanover Store
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Co-op Market
43 Lyme Road
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Service Center

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Service Center

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